1200px Kindlused Narva je kaldal

The project topic is discovering opportunities for self-realisation of disadvantaged groups in the European community. Partner institutions and their adult learners from Estonia, Portugal, Italy and Turkey share their best practices, exchange ideas and work out a supportive course for the unemployed who would like to become actively involved in the labour market.

The main project objective is to organise work placements and training experience of 12 women in the age of 40+ abroad. During one month the project participants will live, work and study in Italy and Germany. They will be able to develop their fluency in German or English, improve their professional skills and study the host country, its culture and traditions. Before the mobility each participant gets a linguistic preparation – a course of German or English.

The participants are students of NGO Uus Sild, curricula: “cleaning service” and “social care of disabled people”.

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